Stylish, Comfortable Protection While You Work

Transparent environmental protection visors have been widely used in various service occasions, enhancing the company's image. Hunter Shield is a re-usable visor that provides protection for you and for those close to you. It is lightweight, unobtrusive, reusable, and suitable for all age groups. High-quality Materials: Environmentally friendly silicone chin visor, High-tech Nano anti-fogging treatment, Adjustable fibre elastic ear strapsc, non-toxic, breathable, comfortable to wear, and durable throughout the year.

"Show that smile"

Customer confidence in their food protection. About showing staff personality. Cheerfulness for customers

  • "Our team were delighed with their visors and found them comfortable and stylish while they worked"


  • "My customers comment all the time about how easy it is to communicate with me especially the deaf or hard of hearing - would highly recommend."


  • "We find the Hunter Shield brilliant! And especially communicating with our customers. We've had nothing but good reviews and it'd great for keeping food particles away while staff cook."


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